Yhdeksikkö eloton rysähtäen buses matkailu Suomi Bus Accident Benalmadena

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They were on their way home. Barely them were seven kilometres to reach its destination, Malaga airport, where they were going to catch a flight bound for Finland. But they could not climb to the plane. A driver who has given positive test alcohol-twice the rate allowed-crossed in their path.

The bus in which they were travelling 47 Finnish tourists became a deadly trap. An SUV what embistió at the rear left. The driver could not control the bus and overturned. The balance of the accident, one of the most serious that have occurred in the province, has been nine dead and 38 wounded, of whom 22 are serious. The dead were six women, two men and a girl of seven years.

The tragic accident occurred at half past seven p.m. at kilometre 224 of the Mediterranean Expressway (A-7) as it passes over Benalmadena, equal to the output of Arroyo de la Miel. The bus travelling in the middle lane on the road to the Malaga. The SUV, the brand Kia, went behind. As explained yesterday the government subdelegation, Hilario Lopez, the jeep tried to overtake the coach on the right lane. For reasons that are unknown, it left the roadway, hit against guardarraíles left and fired toward the bus, which crashed on the rear right and what desequilibró. The driver could not control and overturned, going to end up in the median that separates the two roadways of the highway. Then, the bus was gliding down the road, pounding against the glass biondas. In fact, one of them crossed transversally bus, «as if it were a sword,» explained sources of research.

The vehicle was turned into a amasijo of irons with half a hundred people -47 tourists, the driver and two guides trapped inside. At the scene of the accident moved troops Torremolinos, Benalmádena firefighters, as well as health personnel and Civil Guard Traffic, which began to evacuate the occupants of the vehicle.

The dimensions of the tragedy had become progressively larger as the afternoon progressed. From the first information, who spoke of three dead, we moved to eight in just one hour. The drama was even greater. When completely lifted the bus was decubrió the ninth victim of the fatal accident, which was under it. At the end of this year, the bottom line was killed six women, two

The driver of the bus, two guides and 35 tourists were injured of varying degrees of severity, most serious, as reported by the Andalusian Health Service. One of the injured was a child, he was transferred to the Mother and Child Hospital of Malaga, where he also admitted a woman in the field of gynecology. We had to coordinate a spectacular deployment of ambulances to evacuate the wounded by the various health centres in Malaga. Seven victims were taken to University Clinical five to Carlos Haya (one of them in critical condition and another seriously), five to the Costa del Sol in Marbella and two more to the Civil Hospital. The other injured were treated at a health centre in Benalmádena and Torremolinos.

At the close of this edition, the Civil Guard was still working on the identification of the deceased, because some documents did not carry over. However, it is presumed that all tourists are Finns who were to leave the Costa del Sol after they have gone through it a holiday.

Departure from Marbella

The coach came out yesterday afternoon in Marbella, where, according to sources close to the case-was making several stops to go picking up tourists in various localities of the province. The group traveled with the wholesale travel Tui Spain.

The passengers were unharmed and the injured who were being discharged from the various health centres were transferred to another bus chartered by the travel company to Hotel Greek Torremolinos, where they spent the night.

Researchers Atestados team from the Civil Guard Traffic inspected the tachograph vehicle and found that it had not exceeded the speed limit throughout its journey from Marbella.

Regarding the driver of the SUV, sources confirmed that the investigation driving under the influence of alcohol. The man, identified as J. G. R., of Spanish nationality and 27 years, has been arrested by the Civil Guard after throwing a rate of 0.50 milligrams of alcohol per litre of air expired, ie, double the maximum allowed. Last night was hospitalized in Clinical with minor injuries.

The couple, who reportedly owns the SUV, traveling with her father, who also suffered injuries. It is not known what could be the reason that colisionara against the fence, which sparked the incident, although according to sources close to the investigation, several witnesses reported that the vehicle was moving quite fast. Yesterday, agents Atestados could elicit testimony from half a dozen witnesses who saw the accident or who, apparently, were developed by the SUV.

Initial reactions to the tragedy that has once again taken the road had not been made to wait. The Association of Victims of Accidents demanded the implementation of the Criminal Code «against the alleged perpetrator of the incident» and increased its intention to contact the Prosecutor to be used in the case.

The same attorney general road safety, Bartholomew Vargas, telephoned yesterday to the provincial head of Traffic, Trinidad Hernandez, to enquire about the accident and the circumstances that have taken part in the same


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